"There is indeed an almost insurmountable abyss between scientific-technical knowledge and patients. And that's why this association, that we are part of, has this motto: Nothing about us without us! It's a fantastic motto that should be set in motion."
Patients' Association Member
"What is an adenocarcinoma, an epidermoid carcinoma, a clear cell carcinoma? The patient goes to the internet, goes to the dictionary and ends up knowing ... But what does this really mean for him/her? If what is written there is malignant tumor or benign tumor, that really has a meaning.

The project development included booklets construction for the eight malignant pathologies addressed. This collaborative work, conducted under Sociology coordination, brought together experiential and biomedical knowledge. Oncological patients and health professionals, namely pathologists, clinicians, nutritionists and psychologists, took part in that process. The enclosure of personal and social dimensions resulting from cancer patients´ experience represents an innovative approach concerning the production of informative health material. Without undermining scientific contents, our purpose was to adopt simple and objective language.